Let’s save the wastage of money melting in your furnace!

In meltshops a lot of money goes up in smoke every day. Literally. Optimum melt-runs combined with cost-effective material consumption, reduced re-alloying quantities and steps as well as shorter melt times determine just how economical a meltshop is. Having efficient support for the melt process combined with well-functioning materials management and successful energy management are becoming more and more important as factors of success. This product which is available within the OPTI system standard either as an add-on for OPTI-FRP or as a stand-alone solution with or without interfaces to third party systems, is a detailed planning tool focusing on the meltshop and the furnace operators.

We deliver a strong solution which asserts itself in several different disciplines :

  • Comprehensive planning of the melt process covering all melt and treatment steps – right through to when the charge or ladle is ready for pouring
  • Precise pre-calculations with material requirements calculations considering scrap, alloy components and metals
  • Optimization of material quantities for precise charges and re-charges (batching and rebatching)
  • Shortened melt-times and increased melt capacity by means of an integrated foundry information system displaying process instructions, furnace parameters, energy requirements, analyses etc. directly at the furnace
  • Reduces energy requirements per ton and thus reduces costs by supporting energy management at the point of highest consumption
  • Delivers traceability and process security by recording and archiving all process steps, analyses and consumptions within the melt report (audit-trail)
  • Comprehensive evaluations possible in the form of web-based forms and reports
  • Links to analysis devices and furnace controls for improved process integration
  • Integration of third party systems via standardized interfaces to maintain continuous mass and materials flow

A full range of further functions can be found in our product brochure.

OPTI.melt is an enhancement of the renowned ksschmelze software from ADV Schulte GmbH, which was taken over by RGU in 2010. Since then the scope of functions has been extended enormously.

"The focus is on the user who is given suitable support for his often complex tasks. We now have a solution at work, which not only fulfils our needs today, but one that is well-equipped for future requirements as well."

Kai Maschmeier, Managing Director EdelstahlwerkOssenberg& Cie. GmbH