Foundry ERP/FRP software

About RGU GmbH

RGU GmbH a German company,was incorporated in 1984. Since formation they live and breathe casting and structuring foundry processes. RGU slogan - Cast in Software – reflects how strong RGU connections to the foundry business have been ever since it founded. RGU products are integrated solutions with a sophisticated level of detail providing a high level of standard cover for the often complex processes in foundries. RGU expertise are based on well-founded foundry knowledge from a birds-eye-view and are far from any tunnel vision. Would you employ a plumber for your electrical installations?

Across Europe large number of small-mid scale and large foundries are running successfully on RGU solution for their complete foundry management. Right from query of any part upto dispatch all the process and planning taken care by RGU successfully over the decades. RGU succeed by working closely together, utilizing precise analyses and well-founded consultation procedures which take up specific customer wishes and implement them appropriately. It is our job to provide the best technical and most cost-effective software solutions to help foundries run their business processes efficiently. At the same time we put our extensive experience and well-founded consulting and implementation skills at our customers' service.

RGU is committed to serve foundries across the world with their expert know-how to manage and run foundries smoothly.

What is FRP – Foundry Resource Planning?

FRP term is derived from the well-known abbreviation ERP which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. But instead of an undefined “Enterprise” we focus exclusively on “Foundries” which have significantly different processes compared to standard ERP systems – this has led to the abbreviation FRP or Foundry Resource Planning.

For more than 30 years RGU have been delivering specific software solutions to the foundry industry. From the initial enquiry through to when cast parts are ready for shipment, we take care of and structure the processes using our software. We aim to cover the majority of functions required with our standard product. Our product RGU.OPTI has grown into the most powerful solution available on the market for calculations, resource, production planning and control. Your special requirements do not usually mean the need for complicated programming services which have you running the gauntlet with every new release; instead your needs can be fulfilled by configuring existing standard programs.

Why Foundries need FRP Solutions and not just ERP?

In foundries the usual ERP systems available on the market quickly reach their limits, either because they are just not able to understand, synchronize and map the processes needed for manufacturing cast parts, or because they can handle this only after expensive additional programming. Instead of having a bill of parts and materials with a separate working plan, the core of the FRP system from RGU is the integrated multi-step resources plan, which displays all the resources needed to produce the cast parts in a Tree-structure.

Foundry operation includes many complexities, various processes and sequence of work which needs to be control and monitor on real time basis or on regular interval. Most ERP software available in market are not developed specifically for foundries. Such ERP software can work in general for normal mechanical-electrical industries. But Foundries has its own needs and complexities which is taken care by FRP solution like RGU.OPTI. ERP software takes care of Sales, Purchase management, Procurement, stocks and inventories and logistics. But ERP does not include, Melt planning, Core Production, Tool management, Production planning, Shift planning, Quality management and so on. RGU.OPTI is the only FRP solution available in the market which is capable to include all the foundry specific requirements in one solution.